Cost Structure - Friends and Non Profits

Due to the pliable nature of video production, most of our work is billed weekly based on time required to complete production. We do this to remain transparent and to be completely fair with our costs. We provide estimates for projects based on provided information, but final bills will reflect the work required for the completed project. To avoid surprises, we'll keep you informed of the hour count and any issues as they arise. We send out invoices each week for the previous week's costs. 

For fixed cost projects, 50% of the total will be invoiced upon agreement and the remainder invoiced upon completion.

Base Rates

Hourly Rate

  • Acquisition or Editing
  • $175/hr


Half Day

  • Acquisition or Editing
  • Up to four hours
  • Between 9a-5p
  • $600/half-day

Full Day

  • Acquisition or Editing
  • Up to eight hours
  • Between 9a-5p
  • $800/day

Full Week

  • Acquisition or Editing
  • Up to five full consecutive days.
  • $3200/week

You don't need to "pick" one of these rates, we'll automatically use the most inexpensive option for both estimates and final billing. 

Acquisition and Editing
On average, projects require double the acquisition time to edit. So a full day shoot can be expected to take two full days to edit. 

Car travel beyond 25 miles of the boom office is billed at $50/hr. Travel involving flights and hotels will have all logistical expenses billed to the client with no markup. In addition to the base rates, each day of the trip has a $300 cost.

Portfolio Exemption
If we are unable to use a project in our portfolio, the project may carry a 20% up-charge. 

Common Overages

Any number of factors can contribute to a project taking more time than we or a client estimates. Here are some frequent causes for unforeseen hours and how to avoid them.

Audio Issues
Filming in areas with fluorescent lights, running HVAC systems, loud ambient noise (mechanical, construction, crowd, traffic, trains, etc.) often require additional time to tweak microphones on set and additional time to edit. If noise is intermittent, that can cause even more time to redo takes or to edit around the starts and stops of the interference. Taking care to ensure a quiet filming space for interviews can help minimize the problem. Recording when coworkers aren't in the space, turning off the HVAC during filming, and choosing locations away from industrial noise all go a long way to save time.

Long Interviews
Often a "5 minute interview" can take more than 30 minutes to film. Individuals lacking on-camera experience usually require several extra takes of a clip to get things right. These extra takes mean extra editing. When interview subjects are struggling, they say things like "we can use the first part from the last take, and I'll just do the last part again." Yes, we can do that, but those things require more editing. If scripted lines are required, have each individual rehearse their lines aloud in front of a mirror (trust us, it helps!) for a few days leading up to the shoot. For free-response interviews, be mindful of your talking points before shooting day. 

Multiple Cameras
While our rate is the same regardless of the number of cameras used, a more complicated rig takes more time to setup and operate. The same holds true for setups using a teleprompter or camera jibs and stabilizers. Making space on location (clearing extra furniture, products, etc.) can help make room for the assembly and configuration of camera rigs.

Background Music
Audio is a very important part of a final project. Most online video hosts (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) will flag videos with copyrighted music. Using Royalty Free music is important to ensure playback and legality. We can find music and send it for approval. This is often one of the most time consuming processes as nailing down the exact feel of a brand, musically, is tricky. When we try music, compress and upload, wait for notes, try again, and repeat, that can take a lot of time. We encourage clients to provide us with music to avoid this cumbersome process. In most cases with clients who are particular about their background music, we recommend searching for music, providing us the URL to the chosen track, and we'll purchase, download, and incorporate the music into your video. 

Terms and Conditions


The efficiency and success of this project for both parties is dependent upon timely communication and sharing of information and resources. Client understands that providing necessary information or resources in a timely fashion is an important factor in efficient production. Delayed submission by Client of required resources could result in a significant delay of finished work.

Where'd you go?

If Client fails to respond to communication with boom. reactive. for 15 consecutive days or fails to provide boom. reactive. with necessary resources for 20 consecutive days, boom. reactive. can postpone work on the project and bill for expenses and work completed through the date of postponement. 

Just in case

Either party can terminate or postpone this Agreement by giving 30 days notice to the other of such. In the event that the agreement is postponed or terminated, boom. reactive. will bill for associated expenses and work completed through the date of that notice. 

The Benjamins

Client will pay invoices according to the payment terms of the respective invoices. Balances remaining unpaid after 30 days will be subject to a late charge of 1.5%. Client assumes responsibility for any and all legal fees necessitated by default in payment. Default occurrences include if Client fails to make a required payment when due, and the insolvency or bankruptcy of Client. 

Above and beyond

Any work beyond the scope outlined in this agreement can be considered an additional service. Additional services will require an Agreement and payment separate from this one. 

This is yours.

Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless boom. reactive. against any and all claims, costs, and expenses, including attorney's fees, due to materials produced on behalf of Client, specifically including any claims made by individuals claiming a lack of consent to be photographed or videotaped as a part of this project. All content and rights and liabilities thereto are the sole property of Client.

Our Portfolio

boom. reactive. retains the right to reproduce any content developed as a result of this agreement in any form for marketing, competitions, or other promotional uses.


By scheduling a shoot with us, clients agree to the above terms and rates. Rates are subject to change, but we'll warn you first.

To save time and headaches, please take a photo of yourself holding up a sign saying "I agree. boom." with the date and your signature and Email it to Shaun. Like this one: 

If we are doing a project with a fixed cost, please include that cost on the sign. Else, it's agreeing to the costs as listed above.

That's a pretty telling indication of a willful understanding of the costs and terms, right?

In our terms, the "This is yours." clause places ownership of the footage with the client. If you don't already have a written agreement with anyone or anywhere that may be used in a video we create for you and you'd like to take a step toward protecting yourself from usage issues, you're welcome to use our appearance and location release for your own documentation. Simple use your name or company name as the "Producer."