All presentations are about 45 minutes long, and are open to up to an hour of Q&A following.

Help, I’m Old but I Know We Need Facebook

  1. Quick Overview of FB
  2. Contrast Traditional Advertising to Social Media
  3. Social Media Statistics
  4. How to get started.
  5. How to turn Social Media into Revenue


Facebook vs Twitter, Where do I put my company?

  1. Social Media Overview
  2. Twitter Summary
  3. Facebook Summary
  4. Types of brands that succeed on twitter
  5. Types of brands that succeed on FB
  6. How to succeed on both.
  7. Putting things in the right order.


The 6 Essential Social Media Guidelines

  1. Authenticity
  2. Broadcast vs Conversation
  3. Calls to Action
  4. Recruitment Phases
  5. The 2/3 Content Rule
  6. How to sustain ‘Like’ growth


From Likes to Lunches: Social Media for Restaurants

  1. The 5 biggest mistakes most restaurants make online
  2. How to easily get your first 500 fans
  3. When to Post
  4. Engaging your Fans
  5. Turning Customers into your Zealots



All presentations are by Shaun and are $450.