Reel Day Details

Like all of us, my reel only shows what we’ve done before, but isn’t an accurate representation of what we can do. So I’m taking the time to spend a few days gathering different shots at the highest quality with a good team. This footage will be used to appeal to potential clients to show what our team is capable of producing.

These Reel Days are 100% volunteer, and in exchange, everyone who plays a part in them gets access to all the footage we capture. So even if you’re a grip helping to run cables, you’re free to use the footage as you please. In exchange for any venue or company cooperating with us, we’ll provide them with our footage for their own use as well. If we can, we’ll try to do two setups each day to maximize our time.

Upcoming Reel Days

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May 28th

Union Station Grand Hall

Union Grand Call is confirmed!

9:00am - 1:30pm

We need a male and female model.

With a giant, empty, grand hall, my goal is to do fashion shots. Some dress twirls in super slow motion combined with fast dolly moves. We’ll take our time to get the lighting just right, maybe renting some bigger lights, and also get some following and leading shots.

Past Reel Days


Thursday, May 2nd

Grace Meat + Three and 4 Hands Brewing Company

 Rick provided us with six dishes that we were able to light and film with David’s RED Epic Weapon. Then we headed over to 4 Hands and got three different shots of City Wide beers. Our goal was to replicate a high-end commercial beer shoot. I rented a 85mm Canon Cine Lens to give our images a little more pop. The rest of the gear was David’s and mine.


Wed. May 15th

Car Shots and Fruit Slow-Mo?

Looks like our luxury bathroom won’t be ready for us.

Weather permitting, we’ll use a jib system of some kind to film a nice car from the bed of my truck. Getting these full-speed tracking shots with a ronin on a jib arm will take some time, but we’ll get it right. Think high-end car commercial. That’s what we’re going for with this one.

Also, we’re going to film some slow motion food/drink shots. Think Steve Giralt. That’s what we’ll be going for. Thoughtful rigging.

Schedule for Wednesday:

9am - Meet in Forest Park to being rigging camera and preparing truck for filming.
10:30am (confirmed!) get sweeeeeeeeet car from Precision Restorations to drive around and film in FP. Drone shots, truck shots.

noon: Lunch Break

1pm: Meet at Lifetime Media (8140 Brentwood Industrial Drive, St Louis, MO 63144). Set up rigs to film slow-motion smoothie commercial. Fruits, Milk, Blender, magic.
4pm: Wrap