Studio Rental

Nestled in the heart of The Hill, our studio is open and flexible. Great for interviews, demonstrations, or podcasts, we have the gear to help get your project done.


Video Studio

We have support systems for hanging our white and black backgrounds as well as any other backgrounds you have, and several lights and reflectors to properly illuminate your interviews, tutorials, or demonstrations. We have full length mirrors, a large restroom, and a few options for seating or staging. 

$50/hr (or $250/day) - Space only
$75/hr (or $375/day) - Space and lighting/grip equipment. 


Podcast or voiceover

Our sound studio faces a wall of noise absorbing foam and has a 12 channel mixer and 4-headphone monitor. We have side-address condenser microphones as well as vocal and instrument microphones for podcasts, voiceover, or sound-fx acquisition.

$50/hr (or $250/day) - Space and Sound Equipment