Shaun Hautly

Shaun is the lead producer, director, and camera operator for boom. He loves lighting interviews and getting moving shots. He also gets obsessive about audio and is an FAA Licensed Drone Pilot.

He has a tattoo of boom’s motto: “We’re all in this together.” He lives with his wife and their dog on The Hill, in St. Louis.

You can find his nonsense on Instagram at colonelshaun.

Shaun shoots a lot of boom projects on his own. However, when projects get big and more cameras and people are needed, these are the people boom trusts to build crews, solve problems, and capture magic.


David Christopher Pitt

David is a director of photography who creates perfection without ever taking things too seriously. David seems to have a celestial control over light and has the camera to capture it perfectly.

David shoots independent films (horror films, especially) and corporate marketing videos through his own Neuri Cinema, and co-hosts a podcast about The Hardy Boys Book Series with Shaun.

Learn more about David and see his work on vimeo.


Bret Hoy

Bret has an amazing eye for photography and videography. Beyond that, he sees through the medium and deep into the content. He’s an incredible director and always sees the project from above so he can understand how to run things on the ground.

Bret shoots corporate marketing videos and weddings and writes for the film analysis website Monolith Medium. He also plays a lot of basketball.

See his stuff and learn more about him at Hoy Creative.


Keath Mees

Keath is a patient videographer. He likes to build his shots thoughtfully and knows when things are worth taking an extra moment to get right.

Keath has Pixar heroes and villains tattooed up each of his arms and has a fondness for a good, watchable movie. He’s also a huge fan of David and Shaun’s podcast.

Check out his stuff on his YouTube Channel.


Michael “Grades” Baker

Grades somehow makes all of his footage seem musical. He has a rhythm and flow to his sequences and framing that sew together a very natural experience for the viewer. He is equally as dangerous with still photos and always has a different idea for lighting that ends up blowing minds. Watch him work, it’s fun.

Michael is a full-time shreditor at SLAM Agency in St. Louis, but makes shoots work when we need his magic touch (or his height).

Follow him on Instagram at Grades2020.


Jill Pampel

Jill understands people. She helps us write and conceptualize projects that may be tough for a general audience. She’s an extraordinary marketer and has a knack for explaining complicated things in a way that anyone can understand. When she has time, she’s also a great director.

Jill is the Director of Admissions and Marketing for The College School and sings in her spare time.


Jeff Ullery

Jeff is a writer and storyteller. He brings a depth to production that is unique and noticeable. When someone has a story to tell, Jeff makes sure that the viewer is going to be brought along intuitively and that they’ll connect with the organization or brand.

Jeff spends his time playing and coaching Ultimate Frisbee and traveling, often in search of a story.

You can see what he’s thinking on his blog.


Jessie Hautly

While you won’t find Jessie on set with us, she’s integral to the operation. Jessie has been a supporter and cheerleader for boom for years. She’s also a really good photographer and a patient model when she and Shaun travel (as seen here). So her contributions might not be easily spotted on set, but she’s essential to the health and well being of our company.

When not looking at photos Shaun took, Jessie is the Program Director at Pathways to Independence, serving adults with disabilities and complex learning disorders.

You can find her in about 1/4 of Shaun’s instagram posts.