what happens next?



If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re considering working with boom on a project that’s going to tell a story about some part of you, your organization, or your brand.

To make sure we handle things properly, we’re going to get to know you a little bit through some meetings and have some phone calls and emails to fully understand the project to avoid problems and panics later on in the process. This page has an outline of the process that will help you know what to expect and prepare as we proceed together.


The Meeting

We’re going to have a meeting (or a phone call, but I like meetings more) to help both of us completely understand and agree on the goals of the project.

We’re going to go through a long list of questions that will help us understand the project together and how best to accomplish the goals. Throughout the project, we’ll reference the goals at every step to make sure we’re accurately pursuing them and not getting wrapped up in conventions, distractions, or novelties.

If you’d like to prepare, you can see some of the main questions by clicking here. Prior to that meeting, it’s important that we have a rough budget range to help configure the project properly and prepare things on our end. If you’re wondering why we don’t just give a quick bid for your project, read our reflections on video pricing.


The Process

  1. We have our meeting.

  2. Based on the information from the meeting, we’ll give a few options for the project.

  3. You select one of those options or we’ll work to find something else that fits.

  4. We send over the final project agreement with all its known details. You love it.

  5. You selfie-sign our agreement. You can prepare for that here.

  6. We begin Pre-Production (writing, storyboarding, scheduling, coordinating, etc.)

  7. We shoot.

  8. We edit, you offer revision feedback We filter that feedback through the lens of the project goals and make edits.

  9. Repeat revision rounds as necessary.

  10. We deliver final project.


Our Policies

Here are some of our policies (based off of lessons we’ve learned the hard way):

  • We need to know your budget. Before the meeting or first thing during it. It’ll make everyone happier if we get it out there.

  • Our crew gets paid on the day of the shoot. So we typically require a percentage of the project payment before our first shoot day.

  • We don’t accept revision notes via text message. Sorry, Millennials.

  • We consider the confirmed project goals during rounds of revision. Directives that don’t support those goals will be evaluated together. (Like putting a phone number at the end of a video you’re posting to Facebook. We’re gonna talk about that one together.)

We also have worked hard to make our “fine print” as straightforward and as concise as possible. Please familiarize yourself with those terms and conditions here.


Questions and Communication

If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We do our best to simplify the process of video production to make it accessible and enjoyable. If there’s anything we can do to improve that, please let us know, we’re always looking to learn.