Terms and Conditions

Where'd you go?

If Client fails to respond to communication with boom. reactive. for 14 consecutive days or fails to provide boom. reactive. with necessary resources or feedback for 21 consecutive days, boom. reactive. can postpone work on or end the project and bill for expenses and work completed. 

Just in case

Either party can terminate or postpone this Agreement by giving 30 days notice to the other of such. In the event that the agreement is postponed or terminated, boom. reactive. will bill for expenses and work completed through the receipt of the notice. 

The Benjamins

Unless otherwise stated in the agreement, projects will have 50% invoiced upon agreement and the remainder invoiced upon final project delivery. Invoices must be paid in full before the client posts or deploys project files. 

Client will pay invoices according to the payment terms of the respective invoices. Balances remaining unpaid after 30 days will be subject to a late charge of 1.5%. Client assumes responsibility for any and all legal fees necessitated by default in payment. Default occurrences include if Client fails to make a required payment when due, and the insolvency or bankruptcy of Client. 

If a client has any overdue invoices, all work will be postponed until the payment of the full balance has cleared.

Above and beyond

Any work beyond the scope outlined in the project agreement can be considered an additional service. Additional services will require an agreement and payment separate from this one. 

This is yours.

Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless boom. reactive. against any and all claims, costs, and expenses, including attorney's fees, due to materials produced on behalf of Client, specifically including any claims made by individuals claiming a lack of consent to be photographed or videotaped as a part of this project. All content and rights and liabilities thereto are the sole property of Client.

Additionally, Boom does not actively archive and maintain files and footage from completed projects. If requested, upon completion of the project we will happily provide all assets and project files to a high speed hard-drive provided by or purchased by the client for their own maintenance. Typically, we don't delete projects for a few weeks in the case that minor edits or tweaks are requested, but the longevity of a project's editable life is the sole responsibility of the client. If boom still has all files and assets and a project is reopened after more than 30 days, it will be subject to a retroactive storage fee of $20 per month since the project delivery date.

Our Portfolio

boom. reactive. retains the right to reproduce any content developed as a result of this agreement in any form for marketing, competitions, or other promotional uses.



By scheduling a shoot with us, clients agree to the above terms.

To save time and headaches, please take a photo of yourself holding up a sign saying "I agree. boom." with the agreement number, date, and your signature and Email it to Shaun. Like this one: 

That's a pretty telling indication of a willful understanding of the terms and conditions, right?

In our terms, the "This is yours." clause places ownership and respective liability of the footage with the client. If you don't already have a written agreement with anyone or anywhere that may be used in a video we create for you and you'd like to take a small step toward protecting yourself from usage issues, you're welcome to use our appearance and location release for your own documentation. Simply use your name or company name as the "Producer." If you'd like to guarantee your protection from appearance claims, we recommend you consult with a legal expert.